Reupholster Chair Masters

You look at your chair or other furniture and think "This chair looks so ugly, but I can't afford to change all dining room chairs' set". Or you have pet or child who spilled something on chairs seat. In this article you will find out how to reupholster your furniture, what tools you will need and how to do it fast and cheap. And also it can help you to avoid from buying new furniture. Almost any type of furniture can be re-upholstered.

Here are some positive things of re-upholstering:

- You can choose fabric type of many different examples;

- You can refresh your old furniture which has sentimental value for you;

- Saves money;

Thinking about negative things people can say that it takes a little bit time. But think again. Looking for new chair which suits to you also takes time.

Now let's talk about re-upholstering process. Firstly, you need these tools: a pair of needle nose pliers, a staple gun (with staples) or upholstery tack, a rubber mallet, a pair of sharp scissors, glue gun, cotton batting.

How to choose fabric?

Decide what type of fabric you want. Choose I strongly recommend choosing quality fabric that could hold up to daily use. reupholster chair. reupholster chair. Many of high quality fabrics are stain-resistant, so it can help to avoid stains of spilled coffee or other fluids. If you reupholster chair which is used very rarely and don't need to look very quality you can use cheap fabrics or even fabric from old jacket, skirt or other material.

1. Remove the existing upholstery. To do that you will need to remove all staples or upholstery tacks with needle nose pliers. Try not to rip fabric. You can use it as example for your new fabric.

2. If you ripped old fabric or there wasn't any fabric left then you will have to measure width, length and depth. Have in mind that you have to multiply depth 3 times. That means if your seat or other part size is 12x15x1 then you will need fabric which size is 15x18.

3. Also it is recommended to change batting for where it is. If you change seat batting you have to put seat board on top of the batting and staple it staple gun.

4. Place the fabric wrong-side up on a flat surface. Then put the seat with batting down on fabric. Then use your staple gun and staple fabric.

Well done. As you can see, it isn't very difficult. You can bring your chair or other furniture for second life. Also I recommend asking someone to help you, because you may need a couple of second hands, when stapling fabric.